Join us as we work with wildlife biologists!

Virtual Explorers is a group of individuals committed to providing you and your students with access to wildlife biologists working in the field. Through our web site, we provide your students with an opportunity to experience wildlife research as it takes place. We work with dedicated researchers in their attempts to better understand the needs of wildlife and the complex interactions between local communities and their wildlife resources.

We strive to promote and support science investigation in a project-based learning environment for grades five through twelve. Our web site provides you and other teachers worldwide, with experience in web-delivered instruction and is organized in such a fashion as to enable you to facilitate an active and meaningful learning experience for your own students. Students will benefit from learning scientific observation and research skills, helping them to develop their own understanding and appreciation of biodiversity and conservation. Special emphasis is placed on females as role models and leaders in science and technology.

How Do We Do It?

We travel to remote locations of the globe and work side by side with wildlife biologists. We share research data and other information with you and your students by transmitting data, highlights and images via a satellite phone and laptop computers to our web site here in the United States. Usually, because our locations are so remote, we are completely solar powered. Additionally, we provide background information about the research area as well as detailed information about the people who live in and round these areas. You may want to review our Philosophy section to better understand the site organization. You will also want to look around at the site prior to use with your students.

How To Participate
Participating in a Virtual Explorer online expedition is free. You can receive updates about our projects and web site by signing our Guest Book.

If you would like to contact us, you can email us with questions you have. You can also email our wildlife researchers and other wildlife experts on the Email an Expert page. 
Spanish Translations
We are very committed to making the information on this site available to Spanish speaking students and teachers. We are currently working on translating this site into Spanish. Translations are done on a volunteer basis and are time consuming. We are very appreciative to those individuals who have assisted with this. 
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