Mary Scrimgeour, our amazing artist!

Mary Scrimgeour is the artist for all of our artwork on the site. Her amazing water colors have really brought to life our expeditions and we are very grateful to her for her time and generosity.

Mary has been interested in art since she was about six years old. While studying art in high school, she took workshops and night classes as well. She majored in fine arts at Metro State College in Denver and the University of Colorado, and has taken numerous classes and workshops with Colorado artists. She was an art director for several magazines for 18 years. During this time she continued her artwork independently. She also spent five years designing clothing and owned a designer clothing store in downtown Boulder, Colorado.

In 1990 she decided to pursue art full time. Her travels worldwide continue to enhance and nourish her work. Mary is interested in interpreting, not duplicating, the world by painting what she sees and feels. A love for children, a sense of humor and a compassion for people are some of the feelings she blends with her vision. Mary has two children. Her son is an architect and lives in San Francisco and her daughter is a graphic designer and lives in Boulder, Colorado. Mary's work is in private collections throughout the country.

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