Searching for Monkeys in Ghana, Africa!

"Monkey mornings start early, around 5:30 am . . ." wrote Lindsay Magnuson from Ghana, Africa. Lindsay was in Ghana for six months beginning August 2001 studying Roloway monkeys. Roloway monkeys, also called the Diana guenon is one of 26 species of guenons found in southern Sierra Leone, Liberia, southern Cote d'Ivoire, western and southern Ghana, and the Seredou area of southwest Guinea.

Like Tamara McGuire, the wildlife biologist working in the Peruvian Amazon studying river dolphins, Lindsay is very dedicated. She rose early each morning to walk the forests scouting for signs of monkeys. When we arrived she taught us how to walk quietly in the forest and to be observant so that we could help her gather data on the monkeys and their habitat.

Lindsay's ongoing research focuses on attempting to determine how many Roloway monkeys remain in the forests and just what their habitat needs are. Like wildlife biologists all over the world, Lindsay uses a variety of tools to gather information about the monkeys and to analyze the data she collected.

We spent two weeks with Lindsay in December 2001. While we were there we posted data that we collected and highlights about our expedition to this web site. Additionally, we posted information about the people we met along the way. Like our Amazon trip, we took our laptops, satellite phone and all our solar equipment so that you could follow along on a daily basis as we walked the forests looking for monkeys.