What has it taken for us to prepare for our own participation in this research project and also to plan for sending information back to the United States from the jungle?

You can find out by reading below and clicking on the images.

The Amazon tropical rain forest is humid and warm year-round with chance of rain anytime. Daytime temperatures average 27-32 degrees Celsius and nighttime temperatures average 18-21 degrees Celsius. Can you figure out what this is in degrees Fahrenheit? Click here to find the formula for converting Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit degrees. You can check your answers using the automatic converter found at the bottom of the website page.

We'll be living aboard a wooden river boat equipped with cabins for sleeping and showers for bathing. All of our meals will be on board the boat. We'll take day trips in small launches (boats) for short excursions into places where the river is too narrow for the river boat. We'll also be taking some jungle walks where, no doubt, we'll encounter a variety of animals, plants and insects.

Our days will be spent gathering data (information) about the river dolphins; their movement patterns, social organization, behavior in relationship to the environment, and other information necessary for their protection and conservation.

Once our research activities are over for the day, we will send any data we have collected along with pictures we have taken back to this website here in the United States.


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Planning to spend a week in the rain forest requires some special clothing. What should we take?

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What kinds of health precautions do we need to take if we are traveling deep in the rain forest?

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How do we send data back to the United States if there are no telephone lines in the jungle. Where will we find electricity to operate our computer equipment?

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What permission do we need to travel to Peru? Will we need special permits to broadcast information from Peru?

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Sending volunteers all over the world to help researchers takes a lot of preparation. How do research organizations prepare for expeditions?

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How does the researcher organize and train a bunch of volunteers to gather information on dolphins in only a week's time?

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