packing list

For our first trip the Oceanic Society sent each person who was going on the expedition a detailed supply list. It had things like special clothing, binoculars, camera, rubber boots for jungle walks and a first aid kit. The Oceanic Society also reminded us that there isn't a good system for waste disposal in the Amazon. They asked us to be careful about what we bring. For example, we didn't want to bring items that have a lot of wrapping and we definitely didn''t want to bring plastic.

How can we minimize the trash we bring to the Amazon? What else do you think we should pack? Let us know what you think in our Guest Book.

Shelly's Packing List

"I think they forgot some important things, which I would never travel without. One is my pareo. It is a large scarf like piece of material that has many uses. It can be a towel after a shower, a skirt when I am going out, a bathing suit cover-up, or a picnic blanket. I never travel without it. Another thing I am taking is a couple of books, although I am going to be busy on the trip, I like to read before I go to sleep even if it is just for a couple of minutes. I wish I could pack my teddy bear and pillows, but I think that they will take up too much space, but it is nice to pack some things that remind you of home when you go on a trip. I will have to think of something small. Another thing that I don't think I will be able to find in the jungle is candy. I love to snack on Willie Wonka candies. Runts are my favorite! I also need to pack sunscreen. Having pale skin I need to be careful when I am in the sun for a long period of time. I may also take a big straw hat."


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