What does it take to live on a boat for a week deep in the Amazon rainforest while studying river dolphins?

It certainly takes a great deal of planning and preparation. No doubt, a sense of humor and adventure won't hurt either. Meet the people who are a part of these expeditions and find out what we do to get ready.

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Meet the primary researcher, the Director of the Oceanic Society, some of the participants, and the boat crew.

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Find out what clothing we are packing, what equipment we will need, the vaccinations we must get, the passports and other permissions we must have to be a part of this expedition.

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When planning a journey of any kind, it is always a good idea to keep a jounal. Find out what we have been thinking and feeling about our journey.

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Student Projects

What if YOU were taking a journey some place remote or traveling somewhere at some time in the distant past. How would you get ready?




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