What do you think it takes to be an explorer or adventurer?

Biologists, conservationists, educators, and explorers all share a sense of wonder about the world around them and believe that individuals can and do make a difference in the world. By holding true to their dreams and their beliefs, almost anything is possible.

What motivates people to explore the unknown and what do you think they personally gain from doing so? Tell us what you think in our Guest Book.

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Shelly Luke, Participant

"People think that I am lucky and things come easy to me, but really I just take advantage of opportunities that come up."

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Tamara McGuire, Researcher

"Dr. Mary Silver, showed me that a woman can be a University professor and an excellent scientist, while still being passionate and emotional about her work."

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Tracy Anne Sena, Participant

"The Amazon River will probably be hot and humid, and I will probably see (and be eaten by) enough bugs to last a lifetime. I think it is important, though, to occasionally do something which is a little bit difficult because it makes you grow as a person."

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Susan Reid, Participant

"This trip is a dream come true for me. It combines the things I love most; conservation, adventure, technology, and teaching. I don't think I could ask for anything more."

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Birgit Winning, Director, Oceanic Society

"The dedication and sacrifices of individual field biologists and grass roots conservationists have motivated me to support their conservation efforts worldwide."




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