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Before traveling to another country, the country may ask you to show proof of your real name. This is usually done by having your government issue you a passport. The passport also shows that you are a legal resident or citizen of the country which issues it.

Find out how you can get a United States passport. You can even print a passport application and fill it out so that you will be ready for your own expedition.

We will need passports for our trip. How early should we apply for our passports to make sure we have them in time for our trip? How do we prove that we are citizens of the United States? Are the requirements different for kids to get a passport?


A visa may also be required for the country which you visit. Find out if the country in which you live requires a visa for people from another country to visit you. Will we need visas to visit Peru? Would citizens of Peru need visas to visit the United States?

Visit our Guest Book and tell us what countries you have visited or would like to visit and whether or not you need a visa.

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