Grizzly Bears: Coming Soon!

Join us in the Selkirk Mountains as we work with researchers and the residents of Boundary County, Idaho to manage grizzly bears living in their midst.

The small population of grizzly bears is one of the last remnant populations living in the lower 48. The Department of Idaho Fish and Game has a mandate to protect and preserve them. Yet, this mandate impacts not only the bears but also the people of Boundary County.

Wildlife conservation is complicated and there are no simple answers. Can people and grizzly bears share the same habitat? How dangerious are they? Are they a threat to livestock? How should the bears be managed? Is there a middle ground that protects the grizzlies and allows the people of Boundary County to continue their way of life? Join us this September as we examine these and other questions.

Researcher Updates! Find out what Tamara, Lindsay, Katie, and Caryn have been doing since we last saw them.

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