Q5. How do seasonal changes in the river dolphins' habitat affect their behavior?

The *ecology of the Amazon rainforest is greatly affected by changes in rainfall. There are times when the forest floor is completely covered by water. Fish and other *aquatic species take advantage of this opportunity to find food and shelter. Other times of the year, the forest floor is dry, allowing new plants to grow, providing food and shelter for altogether different animal species.

We will be attempting to understand how the these seasonal changes affect the dolphins.


Significant Background Information:

During flood season, river dolphins can be found in areas that are part of the forest floor during the dry season.



So what?

How does answering the question, "How do seasonal changes in the dolphins' habitat affect their behavior?" help us create a conservation plan that protects the dolphins and benefits the local people?

You can find out what data we collected and the tools we used to collect the data by checking the daily data page. Just like us though, you will need to analyze the data in order to draw any conclusions.


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