Partnerships with businesses, organizations and individuals are vital to our education communities. These partnerships provide teachers with the resources by which they can promote engaging and motivating learning environments for their students. We are deeply grateful to those who are helping to make our dream of this expedition a reality.

We wish to extend a very special thank you to Toni Baroni, Jenny Fink, Leslie Geiger, Kevin Goess, Will Marchant, Scott Reid, Kim and Evelyn Zierten,Ernest Kow, Kevin McAllister, and the seventh grade students at St. Theresa School. is an education destination for the K-12 learning community, with both subscription-based and free learning tools for educators, parents, and students.'s vast family of content, curriculum, and community-based resources provide access to unparalleled instructional materials. is proud to sponsor and provide lesson plans and learning resources to supplement the Amazon River Dolphins project.
The Palm OS¨ is the standard for handheld computing, a new form of computing focused on helping people manage and access information at any time, in any location. Palm OS handheld devices are becoming the way that everyone manages personal information, accesses and enters corporate data, and mines the richness of the web. is an information consulting company helping schools and non-profits take control of their data. IR produces appropriate FileMaker® Pro solutions for collecting, managing, and displaying information.
LandSea Systems, a satellite communications company, lent us a satellite phone that we used to transmit data from the Amazon to our website here in the United States in August 1999.
A graduating senior at San Francisco State University majoring in Graphic Communications, Eric currently works as a freelance designer. He designs flyers, posters, business systems and other graphical materials. Eric designed our website.

Mary Scrimgeour Brown Studios

Mary has been interested in art since she was six years old. Her travels worldwide continue to enhance and nourish her work. Mary is interested in interpreting, not duplicating, the world by painting what she sees and feels. A love for children, a sense of humor and a compassion for people are some of the feelings she blends with her vision. Mary created the original artwork found on our web site bringing alive the sense of wonder we feel about this expedition.

Slip.Net Communications, Inc. an Internet service provider is hosting our web site. Slip.Net provides state of the art Internet services for businesses, homes and school environments.
Farallon Communications, Inc. helps people in schools, businesses and homes connect Macs and PCs together so that they can all access the Internet and share files and printers. Farallon was founded in 1986 when Reese Jones invented the PhoneNET Connector. Since then, Farallon has developed many cool products such as EtherWave, Fast Ethernet and iPrint.
The The AlphaSmart 3000 is the answer to not enough computers for students. Its simplicity of use, portability, low price and long battery life offers a perfect solution to the equity and access issues with which schools are usually faced.
Students at Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco, California donated school supplies for students living along the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in Peru.


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