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November 13-17, 2000 Itinerary:

November 12, 2000

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Fly from San Francisco to Iquitos, Peru. Upon arrival in Iquitos, we'll visit the market for supplies.

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November 13, 2000

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Travel by bus or speedboat to the river town of Nauta and meet our river boat, the Miron Lento. There we will buy any last minute supplies in Nauta and modify solar panel platforms if need be.

November 14, 2000


Travel from the Amazon River to the Maranon River and enter the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve at the confluence of the Yanayacu and the Maranon Rivers.

November 15, 2000


Perform a zigzag transect of Tipishca del Samiria Lake to in the morning. Use the skiff to work in the Yanayaquillo tributary in the afternoon.

November 16, 2000


Travel up the Samiria River from Ranger Station 1 to Ranger Station 2 counting dolphins as we go.

November 17-22, 2000


Continue traveling up the Samiria River, counting dolphins from the big boat and exploring lakes and small tributaries from the little boat. If possible, we'll travel to Ranger Station 5 to see more of the Reserve and examine the dolphin populations deeper in the Reserve.

November 23, 2000


Turn the boat around and start backtracking down the river, counting dolphins as we go.

November 24, 2000


Spend the night on the Yanayacu River.

November 25, 2000


Stop at Nauta and spend the night on the Amazon River near the town of Tamishyacu.

November 26, 2000


Arrive in Iquitos in the morning, unload the boat, check into the hotel, shower with CLEAN water. Have a farewell dinner that night.

November 27, 2000

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Fly home to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.


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