Wednesday, November 15, 2000

MidlineTransect (boat remains as close to middle of river as possible)

Location: San Pablo Ox Bow Lake
Platform: Mango
Position Start: s04°31'742 w074°05'675
Position End: s04°31'786 w074°05'698
Weather Conditions:
  • Start: cloudy, wind speed 0 miles per hour, boat speed 5.5 miles per hour
  • Finish: cloudy, wind speed 0 miles per hour, boat speed 5.5 miles per hour
Water Level: Low 
Start time: 7:28 am
Finish time: 10:03 pm (Break 8:45-9:01)

B = boto dolphins, T = tucuxi dolphins, U = unidentified

Total number of botos = 1
Total number of tucuxi =0
Total number of unidentified = 0
Total number of dolphins = 1

1=<100m, 2=100-200m, 3=>200m from shore

Time Position Species and Number Comments

s04°31'742 w074°05'675

  start, mouth of lake
7:30 s04°31'946 w074°05'666   dugout w/ net in boat
7:34 s04°32'204 w074°05'351   cage and dugout w/ net
7:36 s04°32'375 w074°05'170   dugout w/ nets out
7:38 s04°32'510 w074°05'126   boat, no nets
7:45 s04°33'315 w074°04'725 1 B  
8:00 s04°33'981 w074°05'987   Right: 2 cages, 2 nets Left: dugout w/ nets
8:02 s04°34'116 w074°06'177   boat w/o net, boat w/ net in water
8:04 s04°34'302 w074°06'366   1 boat w/ net, 2 boats w/ huge net
8:06 s04°34'446 w074°06'511   1 fish cage, 1 large raft on shore
8:08 s04°34'605 w074°06'530   3 dugouts w/ 1 net, 1 dugout on shore w/ 2 nets in boat
8:32 s04°35'161 w074°04'809   1 dugout w/ net out



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