What habitats do Roloway monkeys prefer?

All animals and plants are adapted to the environment in which they live. *Adaptations help them survive. When their environment or habitat changes, plants and animals must also change and adapt. It is very important when studying animals in the wild to try to understand how a particular animal has adapted to its habitat.

This study hopes to examine the relationship between where Roloway monkeys are found and the types of habitats they favor most. Once scientists understand this, then habitats that are critical to the Roloway's survival can be protected.

So what?

How does answering the question, "What habitats do Roloway monkeys prefer?" help us create a conservation plan that protects the monkeys and benefits the local people?

You can find out what data we collected and the tools we used to collect the data by checking the daily data page. Just like us though, you will need to analyze the data in order to draw any conclusions.

Background Information


Roloway monkeys are found primarily in mature undisturbed forest but have been reported in secondary forest and farmland as well.